About the Broad

Rasha Shaker

The first thing you probably thought when you landed here is "why the name?"


Well, besides finding the title humorous, it does hold some significance (well, to me at least). One being, I do fancy the finer things in life, whether or not it appears that way. First impressions people get of me are that I'm a tough chick that listens to lots of heavy metal (which I do!) but that is far from the truth. Growing up, I listened to classical music, read literature that was beyond my age bracket and enjoyed going to art galleries and patronizing the performing arts, all of which I still do to this day. 


My mission for Cultured Broad is to create a marriage of edge and sophistication. This blog won't just cover album reviews and pop culture, but will also allow me to shine a light on the visual and performing arts, ranging from ballet to heck, even opera why not?


I enjoy writing reviews for all sorts of genres, so if you're an artist or a band and would like for me to do a review, hit me up!

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