Alice Limoges - Hungry For A Vice

It's not often I'm recommended sultry jazz tunes, but when I am I thoroughly enjoy it. I had the pleasure of being introduced to New York Based singer-songwriter Alice Limoges. Recently she released her latest single/music video "Hungry For A Vice".

To start, I really love the artwork for the track. Seriously, check it out.

I have a real soft spot for watercolor/mixed media. I guess it's the art school reject in me that appreciates the incorporation of color and media. It's just a really nice piece of art to look at.

The track itself reminds me of a contemporary version of the Notorious Eartha Kitt's I Want To Be Evil in it's message. Limoges' voice emanates power and certainty. With a dirty trumpet and harmonizing guitar riffs it all comes together to form a seductive bad girl's anthem.

Alice Limoges can be found on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You can also find her at

For your listening pleasure, here is an embed of her Spotify where you can hear the rest of her music she has available.

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