Empowerment of The Pole

I always loved to dance. When I was younger, I used to attend ballet, and I was quite good at it. Unfortunately my studies in dance would have to be put on hold due to some health problems. In my junior and senior years in college, the school that I attended offered ballet and a few other dances as an option but due to my schedule I was unable to indulge. Not like I needed to be instructed in dance, my friends can tell you that I can move on the floor.

In my spare time, I like watching choreography videos like Nicole Kirkland or Aisha Francis. In particular, I've taken a liking to Plus-Size-Pole-Dancing-Badass and Instructor Roz the Diva. After watching The Diva tell her fierce words of wisdom and encouragement for all women to try pole, I figured why not?

And so I started looking for pole dancing lessons. Initially I was eager to try chair dance, but the classes were either full or during a time that wouldn't work with my schedule. During my Google search, I stumbled upon Miss Fit Academy here in Nashville. Immediately I was impressed. Just like an actual school they break up the year into semesters and teach different levels of dance depending on your skill level. What I found to work with my schedule were pole classes, but also floor work.

My first class into floor work and I was instantly hooked. Like any newbie, I was anxious when I stepped in for my first class. In the back of my head, I was thinking of how silly I was gonna look, or what if people just stare at me because I'm rolling around like a Weeble Wobble. To my delight every single woman in that studio were kind and welcoming and very helpful.

My pole and floor instructor Miss Tricksee was especially helpful. From my first day until my most recent visit she has encouraged me to keep trying and showed me where I was improving where I didn't. She'd take the extra time with anyone that needed it and when a move seemed awkward to do (Vagina Monster!) she'd say something funny that'd have us laughing as we followed along.

As the weeks went by, I found my confidence boosting. In fact, my clothes were starting to fit better and my waistline shrunk. Physically and emotionally, I felt great, better than I ever had from any fitness class. On that topic, pole and floor work were the only fitness classes that I stuck with consistently, going once or twice a week for four months. As soon as I can get back in the studio, I'm going to up my game and attend as many classes as my schedule will permit. I miss seeing everyone's faces and for once I actually felt like I belonged somewhere.

Whoever you are, no matter your gender, size, skin color...go do yourself a favor and sign up for a pole class. I guarantee you will not only have fun while you do it, but you'll find yourself feeling this sense of empowerment that you just don't find anywhere else. Plus, you'll get to meet new people and watch art unfold before you.

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