Review: H.E.R. I Used To Know Her: The Prelude

The EP preludes her forthcoming album.

Since Friday morning I've been listening to this EP on repeat - digesting every verse and every beat. Looking through the reviews out already about the release I wanted to write an in-depth song-by-song breakdown.

Lost Souls ft. D.J. Scratch

The EP starts out strong with Lost Souls. Loud and boisterous, you're greeted with scratched vinyl and hot beats. Soulful like the song's namesake, you're instantly enveloped with H.E.R's verses, finding yourself snapping your fingers as she speaks truth.

"Confusing self-conscious with self confidence/ Say you empower women, ay/ But don't acknowledge them/ Feminism not what you embodyin'"


Against Me

Things take a slower turn with the next track, this one will leave you swaying your head. Here you can hear her poetic prowess, parts of her verses were where the teasers for the release came from. Hearing the whole thing, I couldn't help but nod my head and turn up the volume as she recited more truth:

"And the corners of a man's mind is a place where vulnerability hide And intimacy is not the act of physical intertwined but it's the isolation of two minds That's why he keeps his heart and his head separate"

Fuck, YES!

Thank god I had a car ride myself because all I could do is shout and clap my hands as she relented on with her poetry. This track by far is my favorite off the entire EP.

Be On My (Interlude)

Hoo, okay. After the first two tracks I think an interlude was much needed. Only a minute and a half, you're given ample time to catch your breath before being hit with what I already see will be the most popular track on here.

Could've Been (ft. Bryson Tiller)

This one's a head bobber for sure. Slow and seductive, you're caught in smooth lyricism and hypnotizing harmonies, similarly to Tiller's single Don't. The two make a great pair on this track and I'd love to hear more from the two in the future.

Feel A Way

The pace picks up with this one. Intense, you can't help but empathize with the artist's lamentations of a lover's quarrel.

As I Am

The Grand Finale, this is a great conclusion to the EP. As I Am is the morning after effect of listening through the whole release, and the lyrics speak just that.

Overall, I am very delighted with this EP, and very eager to see what H.E.R. has to offer with her impending album. Fans of the artist and contemporary R&B will be pleased with this one. If you haven't yet, go check it out!

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