Jon Pattie - Reflections Vol. 1

Earlier this month, Jon Pattie released his new EP Reflections Vol. 1.

The three-track EP is the first of a 4-part series. "'The idea to release a 4-part EP came from the journey of self-discovery I began three years ago," explains Pattie. "I've realized I am at a point in my life where 'change' is not only present but it has taken over my everyday thoughts, words, and actions. Each EP will have a unique aesthetic to represent a different element of my growth as an individual."

The track opens with Won't Be Young which I previously reviewed here.

Reflections, a slower track is as the title suggests. Pattie's vocals cradle you with lyrics of escapism and the need to keep going despite the past.

The final track, State of Mind is another slow song. Uplifting and inspirational, Pattie leads us down the path to self evolution.

The EP overall was enjoyable. I'm eager for what the other chapters in the series has in store. Feel free to take a listen to the EP below.

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