Learning to Mind Your Own Lane

With the age of the internet, comes the era of the entitled opinion. You see them when you scroll through your social feeds. They're the comments you read on a pop news article from often angry, bitter (more often middle-aged) people who have nothing better to do than to share their vitriol for a person they've never met. You can't help but wonder, who hurt you and, why does it matter?

Come to think of it, the entitled opinion spans more than just the screen. How many times have you had to listen to a friend or a relative's "well intended" opinion about what you or what you're doing? I know I've had my fair share. Even if they're not about you, but listening to them talk about someone else, even a complete stranger is mind numbing. Sometimes I wanna just say shout why does it fucking matter?

Really, why does it matter? Why does it matter to you what anybody does? Is it hurting you? Is it hurting others? Are they hurting themselves? In my [entitled] opinion, as long as there is no harm being done, it's consensual, ethical, etc. leave 'em be. We should allow others to be happy and live their best lives, just as we all should. You'll feel much better shrugging off all the tensity of riling yourself up about what someone else is doing. The next time you catch yourself, or someone you know tearing someone else down, ask yourself why it matters. I think then the world would be a much kinder place to live in.

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