Review: Caravana By The Rumba Madre

I always get excited when I get an opportunity to review world music. Even if I can't understand the lyrics, I still find myself dancing, having a good time.

Most recently I had the opportunity to listen to a new single by Nashville-Based band The Rumba Madre, and I'm glad I did.

Caravana opens with the sounds of folk conversing, followed by the charming melodies of a Spanish guitar. The first minute of the song sets you on a cultural experience that you'll wish would never end.

Periodically, you'll hear the melody to The Hungarian Waltz on fiddle, integrated beautifully with the wailing of an electric guitar.

Though sung in Spanish, music is a universal language. Being based in Nashville, knowing that culturally enriching experiences such as The Rumba Madre exist gets me excited. I'm very eager to hear more from this band, and I look forward to the opportunity of going to one of their shows; if their recorded music can invoke the dire need to dance, I'd imagine that any of their live performances are guaranteed to be a great time.

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