Soulful Austin Songstress Saint Spicer Releases New Single "On Repeat"

I can always appreciate a good R&B tune, and especially new artists in the genre. It's a pleasure when I also find a song that's empowering. You get jazzy beats, soulful melodies and a hell yeah feeling when you listen to Saint Spicer's "On Repeat."

“On Repeat” is a combination of a lot of incredibly loving relationships I had over the past four years. When I wrote this song, I kept returning to the moments that would repeat themselves over and over again in these various relationships—getting tea together at a coffee shop, always the same taste, the feeling of the fall season and the emotions that accompanied being in love. And then there was the actual fall, where I realized I was taking the emotional burdens of these people and carrying them with me even though there was no reciprocity in the relationship. Once you feel that betrayal, you can never forget what it feels like. It is unforgettable. And I realized I was just repeating the same process over and over again. Each fall I would meet someone new, but repeat the same process. Life is all about cycles, but I was stuck in the same one. This is the song that helped me get “unstuck.” - Saint Spicer

I've had the song stuck on repeat for the past hour or so, and you should too. Find it on Spotify and Itunes now.

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