Versace Pre-Fall 2019 Thoughts

If you know me, you'd know that Versace is my favorite luxury brand. When I got a notification on Facebook earlier this evening about a livestream of their runway show you bet that I sat there and watched it.

The livestream said that the show would start at 6pm EST. Well, technically it did. For a half hour (probably the longest half hour of my life) me and other viewers from around the globe watched a looped video that frankly bored me to tears. Each time the stream hiccuped I'd switch tabs anticipating that the show was finally beginning.


Well, a half hour of this mess and then it finally started. Shit, if the livestream would take a half hour to start, why not have the play card in the beginning tell folks it'd start at the bottom of the hour instead of having us wait so long? I watched the counter at the top of the video drop, not seeing it go up that much as soon as the real show began.

Now let's talk about the show. In my opinion it The models and the clothing was fantastic, but as far as production goes it really tanked. Let's start with the music. Who the hell did they leave in charge of the mixing? It was all over the place. You went from lounge jazz to decadent baroque to...I don't even know what else. It sounded like they hit play on all of these tracks at the same time, resulting in a massive clusterfuck echoing in your ears. For all of that waiting, you wanna know how long the show lasted? 12 minutes. 12 minutes, and the livestream was over. Sure, if you were actually attending the event there's more to do, but for a viewer at home that just learned of the livestream happening to begin with it left you a little disappointed.

I'm fairly certain this was their first livestream, so this could have been just a test run. If they're going to do it again (which I hope so), that they've perhaps prepared something better than a 30 minute loop of the same video and shitty sound engineering.

If you wanna watch this beautiful hot mess yourself, you may find the whole stream here.

Versace Versace Versace Versace

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