What's a Cultured Broad?

What's a cultured broad?

You're probably thinking why on Earth I would name this blog after a derogatory term? Well, my first instinctual answer I give you is why not?

A cultural trend that's been occurring in recent years is the reclamation of derogatory words by members of marginalized groups that these words used to harm. We've seen such words like "queer" and "slut" being used to empower those in their respective communities. Broad is turning to be no exception.

So why Cultured Broad specifically? Well, the best way that I can explain it is that it's a bridge between enjoying the finer, more aesthetically pleasing things in life while also being a fan of things that are not as sophisticated. And that's what I'm looking to accomplish with this little piece of internet.

So you like art and performance? It'll be covered here. Music reviews and [hopefully] interviews? Right here. Anything else? Well, we'll cover that someway, somehow. I'd like to thank you for checking out Cultured Broad, and I look forward to filling this blog with an assortment of content that [hopefully] you'll all enjoy.



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